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Australian and New Zealand Master Work Health and Safety Guide 2018 - 3rd Edition

Cormack E. Dunn

Book $159.00 (inc GST)
eBook $159.00 (inc GST)

This Master Work Health and Safety Guide is the combined work of over 60 authors, many of whom are recognised as experts in their field.  Over 36 chapters it brings together their knowledge and experience to explain and provide practical examples of best practice in workplace safety.

This third edition includes an update to address the introduction of new work health and safety laws in New Zealand, and new chapters on high-risk industries, hygiene, property and industrial organisations. This edition also includes case studies, practical tools and guidance material helpful to practitioners in both safety and human resources.

This edition also has a detailed explanation of the history of safety laws in Australia and New Zealand, how these laws are enforced by safety regulators and actions organisations need to take to ensure they comply with these laws.

With illustrations, diagrams and precedent forms, this Master Work Health and Safety Guide is the leader in its field and an invaluable tool to those practicing or seeking to better understand workplace safety.

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