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  • Summit Leadership: Strategies for building high performing teams

    The latest book from best-selling business author, Nick Humphrey, is a practical guide to leadership and is the result of extensive interviews with high-achieving leaders including insights from elite coaches and athletes, CEOs, psychologists, serial entrepreneurs and even some Royal Marines... Read more

    Publication date: Oct 2019

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  • Maverick Executive: Strategies for Driving Clarity, Effectiveness and Focus

    This new book is the result of extensive interviews with high-achievers including elite athletes, coaches, CEOs and entrepreneurs - bringing together strategies, habits and hacks of high performers and research on high performance. It deconstructs the art and science of peak performance includ... Read more

    Published: Dec 2016

    Book $34.95 (inc GST)
    eBook $34.95 (inc GST)
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  • Success for New Leaders (eBook)

    OVERVIEW Success for New Leaders is a practical and personal guide for anyone new to the art of leading people. The eBook presents a number of typical challenges experienced by managers, offering techniques, or “tips” on what works and what does not — enabling new leader... Read more

    Published: Nov 2014

    eBook $39.95 (inc GST)
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  • Manager to Leader: Skills and insights for a successful transition (eBook)

    OVERVIEW All too often people who are successful in their jobs are promoted to management without an appropriate level of support. They are often unaware of the implications of managing a team and their need to develop new skills to lead and inspire people to do their best work. Instead, many ... Read more

    Published: May 2014

    eBook $32.00 (inc GST)
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  • Finders Keepers: How to attract and retain great employees

    How do you find and keep talented staff? In the face of a growing skills shortage, this is one of the biggest issues facing business and HR managers today. In Finders Keepers, ten Australian businesses tell us the secrets of their success. OVERVIEW Finders Keepers, based on genuine Austr... Read more

    Book $29.95 (inc GST)
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  • Managing Workplace Behaviour: A Best Practice Guide

    This new title gives an insightful look into the issues relating to behaviour and culture in the workplace. This book also looks at how technological and social networking advances are impacting the workplace. By providing a legal insight into why these matters present challenges for organisation... Read more

    Book $49.95 (inc GST)
    eBook $49.95 (inc GST)
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