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Our new discount system is based on the quantity you order, enabling you to get all the insights and information you need more cost effectively. 

Depending on how many books you purchase in the same order, the corresponding discount will automatically apply when you continue to checkout. 

 Quantity in Your Order

 Discount on Your Order

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Every item in your order counts!

For example, a print book and an eBook would count as two books and qualify your order for the 15% discount. Similarly, multiple quantities of the same title will also qualify you for the corresponding discount.

Pre-determined sets such as the Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation 2017 - Volume 1 & 2 Set have built-in discounts and count as one item. 

Special Rules and Exceptions

Due to the high discount that the ADBT50 promo code applies to the Annual Dividend Book - Trust Edition 2017, when you purchase this book with its complementary Annual Dividend Book 2016/2017 and use the ADBT50 code - no discount will be applied to the latter title. Any other titles included in the same order will be eligible for the corresponding quantity-based discount as per our storewide offer.

Our CCH Q&A Service: 3 Points Starter Pack, only available for a limited time, is not eligible for this discount and does not count as an item for the purposes of this offer.

International Orders

For international orders, the discount would apply directly to the price of the books, and would not apply to delivery costs.

Terms and Conditions

This discount only applies to full-price items in your order. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer and cannot be applied to an existing order. When you have access to multiple discounts or offers, only the best one will apply to each eligible item in your order.

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