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Buying and Selling Residential Property in NSW (eBook)

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Large numbers of residential property transactions take place every day, particularly in a hot market such as Sydney’s. Yet property transactions are increasing in complexity, especially with the rise in popularity of strata titled properties. 

This eBook is essential reading for lawyers, property consultants and real estate agents operating in the area of residential sales. It is also useful reading for students undertaking studies in conveyancing, property law or real estate, and anyone interested in the conveyancing process. 

About this new title

The aim of this book is to demystify the conveyancing process. It provides a clear explanation of the principles that need to be followed when representing either a purchaser or a vendor in the sale of residential property in NSW. A particular emphasis is placed on conducting a transaction using the standard contract for sale.


The eBook extracts and refines the most essential and popular parts of CCH’s market-leading service, NSW Conveyancing Law and Practice, that discuss the sale of residential property. Together with helpful tips, examples and suggestions, it contains comprehensive commentary and practical explanations complete with checklists to walk you through the steps of a residential conveyancing transaction. 

The structure of the book is very user friendly, following the chronological time line of the conveyancing process for a torrens title sale and featuring a comprehensive topical index. As strata living has become increasingly common, chapter 4 has been devoted entirely to conducting a transaction involving the sale of a property in a strata scheme.

This quick guide covers key topics such as:

  • drafting special conditions
  • vendor disclosure
  • pre-contract inquiries
  • exchange
  • settlement.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Preliminaries to sale
  • Chapter 2 – The road to a signed contract
  • Chapter 3 – From contract to settlement 
  • Chapter 4 - Sale of strata title lots
  • Chapter 5 - Settlement and beyond

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