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Guide to MySuper, SuperChoice and SuperStream

eBook $80.00 (inc GST)

The world of superannuation is set to undergo a series of profound changes over the next two years. This practical Guide provides the know-how to make sense of the new super world.

Fund administrators will need to design new processes,systems, checks and balances. Employers will have to closely review existing awards, redraft employment contracts, explain key changes to their employees and provide additional information to the ATO. Advisers and auditors will need to develop a deep understanding of thesenew changes in order to properly advise their clients and satisfy their own discrete obligations.


Written in plain English by leading industry practitioners, this guide covers all the key elements of:

  • licensing
  • reporting
  • disclosure
  • regulator liaison
  • prudential standards
  • employment relations
  • taxation
  • choice of fund
  • the superannuation guarantee system.

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