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Success for New Leaders (eBook)

eBook $39.95 (inc GST)


Success for New Leaders is a practical and personal guide for anyone new to the art of leading people. The eBook presents a number of typical challenges experienced by managers, offering techniques, or “tips” on what works and what does not — enabling new leaders to be successful in their new role.

New leaders are encouraged to explore what is important for them personally, to learn more about themselves and others, and identify how they can work best with the people around them. Managers who are also technical specialists with people responsibilities may find this eBook useful, as will anyone who works closely with people or who simply wishes to develop more effective working relationships. The book presents a number of learning techniques, frameworks and models that leaders can draw on when implementing strategies to work successfully with others.

Although leadership can be learnt, there is no single recipe or formula that will work for everyone. The eBook highlights how learning and development is, therefore, a continuous process where leaders can develop their own individual style. Leaders are encouraged to consider new ways of thinking, doing and being, and to see things from different perspectives.


The eBook is written in a conversational style, rather than a step-by-step outline of the ‘‘what’’ and ‘‘how’’ of leading. It is based on the author’s significant experience in various organisations and industries managing, leading, researching, teaching, facilitating leadership development programs, coaching and consulting. The author has worked in executive education for over 15 years.

Success for New Leaders is an essential resource for:

• new leaders (generally) and those transitioning into leadership
• managers who are technical specialists with people management responsibilities who wish to improve their leadership skills
• people who work in teams, manage projects, and/or 
• anyone who needs to develop effective working relationships.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Taking on the role of leader 
  • Chapter 2: Management and leadership 
  • Chapter 3: Effective communication 
  • Chapter 4: Building and maintaining relationships 
  • Chapter 5: Authority, influence and trust 
  • Chapter 6: Culture, teams and values 
  • Chapter 7: Leading — motivation and engagement 
  • Chapter 8: Performance matters 
  • Chapter 9: Developing others 
  • Chapter 10: Self care and leading yourself

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