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Development and Planning Law in New South Wales

eBook $124.95 (inc GST)

Development and Planning Law in New South Wales is a comprehensive text dealing with the law on planning and development assessment in NSW. It provides an in-depth analysis of the operations of the EPA Act, with particular emphasis on environmental planning instruments, the processing of development applications and development consents, as well as environmental impact assessment and existing uses.

Development and Planning Law in New South Wales will prove of invaluable assistance to legal practitioners in the planning and development area, as well as planners, local government officers, students and professionals in the
development industry.

Content Includes:

  • Background to planning law
  • Environmental planning instruments – scope,
  • power, validity and inconsistency
  • The process of making Local Environmental Plans - pre 2008 provisions, standard instrument, directions and current provisions
  • Interpreting a Local Environmental Plan - format, zoning, characterisation, judicial review of permissibility, objectives and special provisions
  • State Environmental Planning Policies 
  • Development standards and State Environmental Planning Policy No. 1
  • Development applications – nature, lodgment, types of development applications, public exhibition, consideration and determination
  • Development consents – nature, conditions, contributions, validity, lapsing and modification
  • State significant development and state significant infrastructure
  • Existing uses
  • Inquiries
  • Environmental Impact Assessment


  • Includes a detailed explanation of all key provisions and analysis of key cases
  • Provides a wealth of background information on the development of planning law in NSW since 1945, and a critical assessment of the current state of planning law
  • Provides an outline and analysis at a level of detail capable of meeting both introductory and specialist needs

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