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Manager to Leader: Skills and insights for a successful transition (eBook)

eBook $32.00 (inc GST)


All too often people who are successful in their jobs are promoted to management without an appropriate level of support. They are often unaware of the implications of managing a team and their need to develop new skills to lead and inspire people to do their best work. Instead, many merely focus on "getting the job done". The significant missing element is that which involves "people". Managers typically understand the task-related aspect of the work and underestimate the importance of the human element. This is the area that really counts in leadership. It is not only new managers who must pay attention to this vital element.

This book seeks to address the widespread needs of managers in the quest for success in their leadership.

You will learn:

  • An insightful look into building confidence and developing your own leadership style
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and overcome common communication barriers
  • Develop key skills for building relationships, providing constructive feedback and coaching others


  • taking on the role of manager/leader
  • styles of management and leadership
  • communication and listening
  • relationship building
  • power and influence
  • culture and values
  • motivation and engagement
  • performance management
  • coaching, delegating and development.

Customer review: 

"Good managers are usually also good leaders, O'Neil tells us, but no matter how good they might be there would be few who couldn't learn something from this little pearl of a book. In fact, there would be few people who couldn't. O'Neil has captured the essence of what true leadership is all about and she's managed to explain it very clearly in non-preachy prose in less than a hundred pages. This is a very special little book." 

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