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Australian Master Tax and Bookkeepers Guides 2017/18 Collection


Book $194.95 (inc GST)

With this collection, you will SAVE 40% on the latest:
- Australian Master Tax Guide 2017: Tax Year-End - 61st edition
- Australian Master Bookkeepers Guide 2016 - 6th edition​​​​​

These two essential tax and accounting guides usually retail for a total of $324.95, but is now available to you for $194.95.
Also available in eBook format.

Australian Master Tax Guide 2017: Tax Year-End - 61st edition

Confidently and quickly navigate all areas of tax with the Australian Master Tax, now in its 61st edition. Access authoritative commentary, practical examples, tax planning points, checklists and key tax dates, with ease. This edition incorporates the May 2017 Federal Budget measures, including a table to monitor their progress. Up-to-date to 30 June 2017.

Australian Master Bookkeepers Guide 2016 - 6th edition​​​​​​

Ensure you are relying on up-to-date information with this handbook for bookkeepers and accountants that covers all bookkeeping essentials as well as a range of accounting, taxation, GST and FBT issues. This edition also reflects the new taxation rules and tax rates that apply to bookkeepers and their clients. Apply the rules confidently with worked examples, diagrams, checklists, tables and bookkeepers' FAQs. Up to date to 30 June 2016.

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