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Australian Income Tax & Tax Treaties Collection 2018


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Australian Income Tax Legislation 2018 - 3 Volume Set

This three-volume set provides a comprehensive consolidation of Australian income tax and related legislation, updated and consolidated for all amendments to 1 January 2018.

It incorporates detailed history notes for all substantive amendments in the last six years, a legislation annotator, index and conversion tables between the 1997 and 1936 income tax assessment Acts.

The book contains all the essential legislation affecting Australian entities, together with a summary of 2017 amending Acts and Regulations to income tax, fringe benefits and related laws. It also contains proposed and draft legislation affecting Australian tax.

Australian Tax Treaties 2018

A perfect complement to the Australian Income Tax Legislation 2018 - 3 Volume Set, this title provides the text of all international tax agreements entered into by Australia as at 1 January 2018.

A must-have for anyone advising businesses with cross-border transactions, you can rely on this book to find the rules on how businesses and individuals are taxed pursuant to Australia’s current tax treaties.

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