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Valuations for Tax Controversies

Dr Hung Chu, Wayne Lonergan

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At the heart of many tax controversy matters are unique valuation issues, which this book addresses.Click here for an overview excerpt from the book.

Filling the apparent gap in the existing collection of valuation and corporate finance textbooks, this is the first book which systematically goes beyond total business value assessment and addresses the practical issues regarding total asset value allocation which have huge tax, duty and commercial consequences.

The conceptual frameworks developed in this book, despite their focus on capital intensive businesses employing specialised fixed assets, can also provide guidance for value assessment and apportionment in different types of businesses or in different tax contexts.

Many of the issues raised in this book are at the cutting edge of valuation thinking. They reflect the evolving nature of the valuation body of knowledge and the need for valuers to continuously re-evaluate the existing body of knowledge, particularly in the face of diverse practical circumstances, and apply the broadened or updated knowledge to re-assess and improve existing valuation practices. 


Providing fresh insights into topical and controversial total asset value allocation issues and other tax-related valuation issues, which are directly relevant to both current and future tax revenue matters and litigations, this title is purposed as:

  • A reference book for tax, legal practitioners (and their clients), tax revenue authorities particularly those working on tax revenue matters or litigations
  • A reference guide for business and property valuers which are engaged for tax controversy assignments
  • An applied valuation course textbook for finance students
  • A textbook in advanced courses for accounting and law students, covering the important topics of goodwill from an  inter-disciplinary perspective.

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