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Due Diligence: Horizontal & Vertical Consultation - 2nd edition

Michael Tooma

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Five years have passed since the landmark introduction of the model Work Health and Safety legislation.

Although the model legislation is yet to be adopted by Victoria and Western Australia, the experience in the seven jurisdictions that have adopted the reforms is now sufficient to enable us to assess some of the predictions made at the time of the release of the first edition of the Due Diligence Collection

These obligations present practical challenges and opportunities. This book, the third in the Due Diligence Collection, explores these issues.

The duties to consult under the legislation require workers (including contractors, subcontractors, employees of contractors or subcontractors, labour hire workers, apprentices and trainees, outworkers, students on work experience and volunteers) and overlapping duty holders (businesses have to engage with suppliers, controllers of premises, adjoining businesses and service providers) to consult, co-operate and co-ordinate with each other.


Like its predecessor, the second edition maintains the plain English, practical approach to the consultation obligations, with an emphasis on the practical rather than the theoretical. It also includes the now familiar flow charts and diagrams that have made this series of books so popular with readers.

The Due Diligence Collection 2017 - 2nd Edition includes:

  1. Duty of Officers - 2nd edition
  2. Incident Notification, Management & Investment - 2nd edition
  3. Horizontal & Vertical Consultation - 2nd edition
  4. Worker Rights and Duties - 2nd edition
  5. Dealing with Regulators - 2nd edition
  6. Persons Conducting a Business - 2nd edition

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