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Due Diligence: Incident Notification, Management & Investigation - 2nd edition

Michael Tooma

eBook $49.95 (inc GST)

How you manage an incident, counts.

The book is an essential reference for individuals and companies looking to anticipate an incident and implement an effective incident management strategy that shapes the corporate response, through policies, procedures, training and resources.

An incident presents a minefield of risks. It is during this challenging time that a group of people is tasked with managing in the midst of chaos and trying to find answers for those affected.  

Due Diligence: Incident Notification, Management and Investigation explores the techniques associated with crisis management in the WHS context. It takes a holistic approach — legal, safety, commercial and reputational issues are interwoven in the discussion, so what emerges is a practical blueprint.


  • Written by Michael Tooma, a high profile legal expert in the OHS field
  • Includes practical and useful recommendations for individuals and companies keen to implement an effective incident management strategy
  • Topics are introduced through case studies, illustrated through charts and diagrams and summarised through checklists.

The Due Diligence Collection 2017 - 2nd Edition includes:

  1. Duty of Officers - 2nd edition
  2. Incident Notification, Management & Investment - 2nd edition
  3. Horizontal & Vertical Consultation - 2nd edition
  4. Worker Rights and Duties - 2nd edition
  5. Dealing with Regulators - 2nd edition
  6. Persons Conducting a Business - 2nd edition

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