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Maverick Executive: Strategies for Driving Clarity, Effectiveness and Focus

Nick Humphrey

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This new book is the result of extensive interviews with high-achievers including elite athletes, coaches, CEOs and entrepreneurs - bringing together strategies, habits and hacks of high performers and research on high performance.

It deconstructs the art and science of peak performance including implementing mindfulness, pushing your boundaries and eliminating distractions. Here is an article with insights from the author's recent presentation. 


Maverick Executive provides strategies for busy executives to:

  • Enhance their effectiveness. It deconstructs the art and science of high performance, including mastering mindfulness, harnessing purpose in work, eliminating distractions, working in cognitive flow and pushing outside comfort zones
  • Improve sustainability, giving strategies to re-charge and minimise stress, so that they can drive performance over the long term
  • Facilitate creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box
  • Eliminate “white noise” and focus on the critical success factors driving outcomes.  


Maverick Executive is divided into three parts. Part A overviews the eight basic rules of high performance. Part B expands on strategies for effectiveness. Part C expands on strategies for growth. Each of these chapters include:

  • Maverick Principle to show how the executive can be different from the herd and drive high performance on their own terms
  • Interviews with high performers from business, sport, the arts, academia and professions.  What techniques, hacks, daily habits and rituals do they use to maximise performance and effectiveness?
  • Case studies (fictional) to illustrate the strategies being discussed and raise some practical applications
  • Exercises to work through.


Maverick Executive is designed to help busy executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to ruthlessly purge distractions and interruptions to free up their time and energy to tackle the important issues facing them, their teams and their business. It gives them the tools and strategies to help prioritise workflows and whether to accept new projects or opportunities.


Nick Humphrey

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