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The Big Issues in Employment: HR Management and Employment Relations in Australasia - 2nd Edition

Jane Parker

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Following the 2013 edition, which focused on New Zealand, this new volume examines the important issues within both human resources management (HRM) and employment relations (ER) in Australasia. The book actively seeks to raise academic, policy-maker and practitioner awareness of the key debates that need to be addressed to help New Zealand and Australian organisations to adopt more cutting-edge approaches to HRM and ER.

Topics covered include:

  • HRM and employment relations paradigms in New Zealand and Australia
  • Changing terrain: Defining the contemporary workplace and workforce in Australia
  • Changing terrain: Flexible forms of working and their meaning for HRM and ER
  • Managing workplace diversity
  • The living wage in New Zealand and its implications for HRM and ER
  • National politics and the interactions with ER and the workplace
  • Technology and job transformation in New Zealand: Can your job be automated?
  • CSR and sustainability in a world of climate change: Implications for HRM and ER
  • Strategic people management: Where have we come from and where are we going?
  • Employment regulation in our neighbouring Pacific Island Countries
  • Caring for society’s elders: Understudied implications of population ageing for HRM and ER
  • The internationalisation of HRM programmes: Multi-national enterprises in Australia
  • Big data analysis and its meaning for HRM and ER 

Readers will learn about the current and emerging trends in HR and employment relations and the challenges and opportunities they present in the workplace.

This book has been been written by the following academic specialists:

  • Professor Jane Parker (General Editor) with Professor Marian Baird
  • Professor James Arrowsmith
  • Associate Professor Janis Bailey
  • Hugh Bainbridge
  • Professor Timothy Bartram
  • Professor Tim Bentley
  • Kate Blackwood
  • David Brougham
  • Professor John Burgess
  • Professor Stuart Carr
  • Andreea Constantin
  • Associate Professor Fiona Edgar
  • Associate Professor Gabriel Eweje
  • Marjorie Jerrard
  • Nicola Green
  • Professor Jarrod Haar
  • Andrey Ivanov
  • Carlien Kruger
  • Keith Macky
  • Associate Professor Ian McAndrew
  • Professor David Peetz
  • Katrina Radford
  • Susan Ressia
  • Aymen Sajjad
  • Professor Pauline Stanton
  • Professor Glenda Strachan
  • Associate Professor David Tappin
  • Yue (Bonnie) Wang
  • Mark Westcott
  • Christian Yao
  • Junjie Zeng

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