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Australian Taxation Study Manual 2019 29th Edition

Les Nethercott, Ken Devos, Livia Gonzaga

Book $135.00 (inc GST)
eBook $121.95 (inc GST)

The Australian Taxation Study Manual 2019 is your practical guide to the real-life tax problems you will encounter as a professional, whether you’re working for multinational corporations, small businesses, or individuals. It fosters an understanding of the legislation and key principles of taxation law with over 600 exercises that encourage you to apply your knowledge to contemporary scenarios.

Questions are graded by level of complexity and are designed to assess your understanding of key concepts by requiring you to support your answers with reference to the relevant legislation and case law. It covers twelve key areas of taxation law and practice, and includes questions with suggested solutions and questions without solutions.


  • Fully updated for the 2018/19 financial year and reflective of recently enacted legislative and juridical developments;
  • All calculations updated to reflect changes for the 2018/19 tax year rates and rebates;
  • Multi-issue Case Study Questions assess students’ knowledge across multiple taxation topics within the one scenario;
  • Questions without Solutions can be used for self-aassessment, tutorials or weekly assignments;
  • Questions with Solutions provide fully worked calculations, allowing students to assess how accurately they have applied their knowledge of tax law;
  • A topical index, case table and list of legislation and rulings help readers quickly navigate and access relevant sections of the law;
  • Cross-referenced with the 2019 editions of the Australian Master Tax Guide, Australian Taxation Law and Foundations of Taxation Law.

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