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Family Law with Superannuation Collection 2019/20

Books+eBooks $465.00 (inc GST)

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Australian Family Law Act 1975 with Regulations and Rules - 36th Edition

An essential resource for anyone dealing with family law. Now in its 36th edition, practitioners turn to this up-to-date title to quickly and confidently advise their clients.

Australian Master Family Law Guide - 10th Edition

Reflecting the latest developments in family law legislation and cases, this book has been written by experts to help you work quickly and confidently to provide accurate advice.

Australian Master Superannuation Guide 2019/20 - 23rd Edition

Essential for anyone advising on superannuation, reflects all major tax and superannuation changes to 1 July 2019.

Australian Superannuation Legislation 2019 - 25th Edition​

Consolidated to 1 January 2019, this edition reflects the numerous recent changes to superannuation law and is essential for the bookshelf of any superannuation practitioner.

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