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Australian Taxation Law 2018

Robin Woellner, Stephen Barkoczy, Chris Evans, Dale Pinto

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Australian Taxation Law 2018 provides a comprehensive analysis of taxation legislation, case law, rulings, administrative reforms, and policy announcements in key areas such as income tax, superannuation, GST, FBT and state taxes. It provides a conceptual framework for understanding topical tax issues and is a definitive guide through the complexities of taxation law, making it ideal for students and practitioners alike. It is also easily navigated, with a clear layout and extensive, user-friendly subject index.


  • Incorporates the latest major legislative reforms and key decisions of courts and tribunals
  • Includes tax rates for the 2017/18 financial year
  • New discussions on:
    • GST on intangible property (the ‘Netflix Tax’) and imported low-value goods
    • Proposed Medicare levy increase
    • Proposed changes to the HELP repayment threshold
    • Anti-Phoenix reforms
    • Diverted Profits Act 2017 (the ‘Google Tax’) and multinational tax avoidance
    • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regime
    • Changes to superannuation rules, regulations and taxation
    • Small business tax reforms, including company tax rate reductions for certain entities
    • CGT changes, including to the main residence exemption and application to ‘angel investors’


  • List of tax websites
  • Table of Cases, Legislation and Rulings
  • Practical examples and sample calculations
  • Extensive diagrams and flowcharts

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