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Guide to Environmental Risk Management

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Environmental risk management is an increasingly important activity for any business. While the full environmental impact and effects of industrial activities may still be uncertain, management of the threats they pose to the environment can be identified.

This title clearly explains the context of environmental risk management; outlines relevant statutory requirements; gives guidance on how to access other useful information to assist in risk management decisions and provides examples of environmental problems and practical advice on solutions to them. 

An invaluable practical guide for any OHS&E manager or supervisor, this book will help OH&S managers and line managers to systematically identify, prioritise and harness opportunities, to better manage environmental risks.

Ch 1: Environmental risk management: an introduction, by Stephen Healy
Ch 2: Risk, uncertainty and the environment by Stephen Healy
Ch 3: Standards and statutory systems by Su Wild River
Ch 4: Identifying risks by Su Wild River
Ch 5: Analysing risks by Su Wild River
Ch 6: Evaluating risks by Su Wild River
Ch 7: Treating risks by Su Wild River
Ch 8: Monitor, review and continually improve by Su Wild River
Ch 9: Risk perception and risk communication by Stephen Healy
Ch 10: Consultation and public participation by Stephen Healy
Ch 11: Conclusion: risk and practice
Appendix A: The US EPA’s seven cardinal rules of risk communication
Appendix B: Case study: Botany Orica CPRC

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