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Independent Contractors: A Practical Guide

Book $59.95 (inc GST)
eBook $59.95 (inc GST)

Written by the Employment Relations team at Piper Alderman, including renowned IR authority Professor Andrew Stewart, this book explains the significance of having work done by independent contractors rather than employees, the legal rules that apply, and the risks associated with "sham contracting". The book also provides an overview of the laws that regulate contracting arrangements, including the Independent Contractors Act, the Fair Work Act provisions on sham contracting, and legislation on matters such as tax, superannuation, workplace safety, competition and discrimination.

An essential reference resource for lawyers, HR managers, OHS/WHS managers, accountants and anyone else working as a contractor or dealing with the engagement and management of contractors.

  • Easy-to-read format. Clearly structured, with each chapter outlining key concepts at the outset
  • Provides valuable practical guidance on what businesses or other organisations should be doing to structure and manage these arrangements

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