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Due Diligence: Dealing with Regulators - 2nd edition

Michael Tooma

Book $49.95 (inc GST)
eBook $49.95 (inc GST)

Managers need a strategic approach to engaging with work, health and safety regulators.

The second edition of Due Diligence: Dealing with Regulators further develops this approach adopted for the first edition, but with the benefit of five years' experience in implementing those strategies in various businesses.

Dealing with regulators is all too often the first interaction many managers have with work health and safety laws. Without the benefit of understanding the scope of their obligations and the extensive powers of WHS regulators, it is easy for managers to get themselves and their companies into trouble. 

This book is a practical guide to the minefield of regulatory powers available to WHS regulators. It is intended for managers who find themselves having to deal with a regulatory investigation.


  • Written by Michael Tooma, a high profile legal expert in occupational health and safety law 
  • Plain English guide to the key provisions 
  • Authoritative yet practical 
  • Includes the now familiar diagrams that have made this series so popular with readers. It is a step by step guide to various stages in a regulatory investigation, from a casual visit to a formal interview.

The Due Diligence Collection 2017 - 2nd Edition includes:

  1. Duty of Officers - 2nd edition
  2. Incident Notification, Management & Investment - 2nd edition
  3. Horizontal & Vertical Consultation - 2nd edition
  4. Worker Rights and Duties - 2nd edition
  5. Dealing with Regulators - 2nd edition
  6. Persons Conducting a Business - 2nd edition

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