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Australian Family Law Act 1975 with Regulations and Rules - 35th Edition


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eBook $110.00 (inc GST)

SAVE 30% with our latest Australian Family Law Collection, consisting of this title and its accompanying Master Guide.

An essential resource for anyone dealing with family law. Current as at 1 September 2017, turn to this up-to-date title to quickly and confidently advise your clients.

This latest edition has been updated to include changes to the:
  • Family Law Act 1975 including a consolidation of all amendments made to the Act including the Courts Administration Legislation Amendment Act 2016;
  • Family Law Rules 2004 including all changes made by the Family Law Amendment (Insolvency Law Reform) Rules 2017 and the Family Law Amendment (Measures No. 1) Rules 2016;
  • Family Law Regulations 1984;
  • Federal Circuit Court Rules 2001 in full (previously extracts only were included) including all Rules amendments; and
  • Cross-referencing table which has been moved to the front of the book for ease of use.

Quickly locate relevant rules, regulations, cases and commentary against sections of the Family Law Act 1975 with a fully updated cross-referencing table, shaded tabs and a detailed index categorised by key words and sections.

This book also includes comprehensive information on transitional provisions and fully itemised legislative history.

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