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Introduction to Intellectual Property: Theory and Practice -2nd Edition

World Intellectual Property Organization

Book $438.90 (inc GST)

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Theory and Practice is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to IP covering all aspects of IP law and administration. The intensification of globalization and the exponential growth of the creative economy have dramatically highlighted the importance of IP to ensure freedom of competition and respect for honesty in trade. In addition, the assets covered by IP are of crucial importance for social, technological, and economic development. This hugely valuable guide, written by specialists from the Secretariat of WIPO, and now in its updated and expanded second edition, pays particular attention to the subject of international cooperation in IP, including discussion of the principal multilateral treaties which deal with its protection.

What’s in this book:

Among the aspects of IP law and administration covered are the following:

  • administrative details of various regimes, including patent information and documentation systems;
  • the growing significance of IP in such areas as technology transfer, traditional knowledge, and genetic resources;
  • negotiation processes under way at WIPO, such as the Development Agenda; and
  • material prepared by WIPO’s International Bureau.

How this will help you:

This book is unique because the contributors are WIPO Secretariat members, who deal with the day-to-day affairs related to IP issues. The concepts explained in this book—from the introductory to advanced aspects of IP—serve as a springboard for practitioners considering the expansion of their practices and also for those who find themselves dealing with IP issues in their work and who need to become more articulate on the subject. In sum, this work is a useful resource for corporate counsel, IP practitioners, government officials, IP agents, and academics.

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